December 1, 2021

A Dance-Pop Music Sensation is Born – Stereo Dive Foundation Tristar Streaming and Music Video Released

  • October 27, 2021
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A Dance-Pop Music Sensation is Born – Stereo Dive Foundation Tristar Streaming and Music Video Released

Ear-Catching Chorus Work and Beat! A Dance-Pop Music Sensation is Born!
TRISTAR Streaming and Music Video Released!

TRISTAR, the ending theme of the TV anime Muv-Luv Alternative by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION, is now available for download and streaming! A music video has also been released on YouTube!

▼“TRISTAR” Music Video▼

The repeated melody of “Do what I want and do what I need,” which is also the song’s hook, stimulates the eardrums and enhances the song and lyrics to even higher degrees. With a solid beat underpinning the whole track, the gorgeous synths and gently enveloping vocals intertwine to create an intensely pleasant flow that makes your heart skip a beat just listening to it. The sound is not only pop but also stylish, thanks to SDF’s unique sound style that treats vocals like instruments.

The lyrics, which are in English and linked to the story, are full of determination and positive vibes. There are many times in life when we have to make hard decisions, and this is a song that can gently offer encouragement.

Fans who listened to it commented, “This song really represents the whole story,” “I get super hyped when listening to it,” “It’s stylish, cool, and modern,” “I can’t stop humming it to myself,” and “The more I read and understand the lyrics, the more I realize how close it is to the story.”

This music video depicts the past, present, and future of dance pop, incorporating futuristic elements with a digital feel typical of STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION.

We hope you will enjoy the craftsmanship of STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION, who is beginning to attract attention around the world as a creator who skillfully links images and music.

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STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is a sound-making project by R.O.N., who is active in many fields such as songwriting/composition/arrangement for anime soundtracks and producing music for other artists. The project was named after the idea of diving into the stereo sound source.

R.O.N., a multi-talented musician who can play any kind of instrument, is a sound artisan with a powerful sense of melody and a track-making style that utilizes futuristic synth work. He is willing to use any and every means of expression possible to produce his desired sound.

Intense, pop, beauty, every kind of musical expression will be achieved. That is STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION.

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