December 1, 2021

Denpa Licenses Jun's TabeGirl Artbook

  • November 19, 2021
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Denpa Licenses Jun's TabeGirl Artbook

Artbook depicts girls eating food

Manga publisher Denpa, LLC. announced during its panel at the Anime NYC event on Friday that it has licensed TabeGirl – The Art of Jun, the artbook by artist Jun.

The artbook is a collection of Jun’s illustrations depicting girls eating food. Jun (@navigavi) first released the illustrations on their Twitter account, and attached the hashtag “TabeGirl” (タベガール, literally “Eating Girl”) to the illustrations. Many other artists eventually drew their own take on the concept through the hashtag, and Jun still regularly draws illustrations with the hashtag. Common recurring characters in the illustrations are two sisters, with the older sister stealing food from the younger sister.

Kadokawa released the artbook on July 21.

Jun’s other notable hashtag is BukiWeapons (#武姫Weapons), which depicts various characters wielding medieval armaments.

Sources: Denpa‘s Anime NYC panel, Email correspondence

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