December 7, 2021

Original Anime Film Hula Fulla Dance's Manga Adaptation Ends

  • October 30, 2021
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Original Anime Film Hula Fulla Dance's Manga Adaptation Ends

2 volumes of manga ship on November 22

The December issue of Kadokawa‘s Monthly Comic Alive magazine published the final chapter of Mine Shidō’s manga adaptation of Aniplex‘s original anime film Hula Fulla Dance on Wednesday. Kadokawa will publish the manga’s first and second compiled book volumes on the same day on November 22.

Shidō launched the manga in Monthly Comic Alive on January 27.

The film’s story centers on Hiwa Natsunagi (played by Haruka Fukuhara), a novice at hula dancing who nevertheless takes a job as a hula dancer at the real life Spa Resort Hawaiians hotel. The film shows the relationships between her and her colleagues. The same hotel in Iwaki city, Fukushima was also the setting for the popular 2006 film Hula Girls. Iwaki is also the setting for Gaina‘s Hulaing Babies anime, which is similarly centered on hula dancing.

The film will open in Japan on December 3. The film was previously slated to open in Japan early this summer. The Tokyo International Film Festival, which is taking place from October 3 to November 8, is also screening the film.

The anime, which is set in the Fukushima prefecture, is one of three anime projects that are part of the larger “Zutto Ōen Project 2011 + 10…” initiative aimed at promoting Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima. (The other two anime projects are Bakuten!! and Misaki no Mayoiga.) The “Zutto Ōen Project 2011 + 10…” is in remembrance of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami 10 years ago.

Source: Monthly Comic Alive December issue

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