October 25, 2021

The "Oddtaxi" Blu-ray Box Project Has Ended With Double the Number of Applications Than the Original Goal: Director Baku Kinoshita Sends His Thanks

  • October 9, 2021
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The "Oddtaxi" Blu-ray Box Project Has Ended With Double the Number of Applications Than the Original Goal: Director Baku Kinoshita Sends His Thanks

The TV animation “ODDTAXI“, which had its final episode in Japan in June with a shocking twist, has been a hot topic since its broadcast.

At the PONYCANYON SHOP, The Blu-ray BOX project “ODDTAXI,” which started after the end of the broadcast, reached its final the other day and ended with an amazing 2,000 additional sets ordered in one day. We received a comment from the director, Baku Kinoshita, in response to these results.

The TV animation “ODDTAXI” is an original anime written by Kazuya Konomoto of ” Setoutsumi”, with music by PUNPEE, VaVa, and OMSB. The story is about 41-year-old cab driver Odokawa, played by Natsuki Hanae, and his interactions with peculiar customers that lead to the disappearance of a girl. In addition to the talented voice actors, the film features many acting comedians such as Miki Diane. It is currently available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in Japan.

The Blu-ray BOX project “ODDTAXI” was not planned at the start of the broadcast, but started in response to viewer feedback. Although the project had been well received from the beginning, with over 300 sets of orders received on the first day, the number of orders increased rapidly when the “Odokawa figure”, which had been set as a bonus for reaching the maximum number of 3,000 sets, was announced to become real. In the three days leading up to the final day of the project, the number of pre-orders continued to increase at an accelerated pace, and one minute before the deadline, the number of pre-orders reached 6,000 sets, double the 3,000 sets that were initially expected to be the maximum possible number.

On social networking sites, many fans in Japan and abroad were excited to see the phenomenal increase in excitement, saying “It’s awesome!” Natsuki Hanae, Riho Iida, and the rest of the cast reacted one after another, saying, “Every time I open Twitter, I’m amazed!”

Although the Blu-ray BOX will not arrive until March 2022, new product information has been released and a collaboration café will be held in Umeda, Osaka in October, so don’t miss out on any new developments in “ODDTAXI“.

[Director, Baku Kinoshita]
Thanks to all of you, we have now surpassed 6000 sets. 6000 sets, I still can’t believe it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who pre-ordered. We will make a wonderful Blu-rayBOX full of charm. Please look forward to receiving it!

TV animation “ODDTAXI” Blu-ray BOX project “ODDTAXI” Special Site


■TV animation『ODDTAXI
Sir, where are you going?
It’s a familiar town, but there’s something a little different about this town.
Odokawa is a cab driver who leads an ordinary life. He has no relatives, doesn’t get involved with many people, and is a bit eccentric and quiet. His hobbies are listening to ”Rakugo” before going to bed and listening to the radio while working. The only friends he has are his family doctor, Goriki, and his classmate from high school, Kakihana.
The only customers he brings in are somewhat peculiar. Kabasawa, a college student who can’t wait to be buzzed about, Shirakawa, a nurse who is hiding something, Homosapiens, a comedian duo who is not selling well, Dobu, a street thug, and Mystery Kiss, an idol who is on the market. The conversations of these supposedly ordinary people eventually lead to a girl who has disappeared.

■TV animation “ODDTAXI“■
Official Site http://oddtaxi.jp/
Official Twitter @oddtaxi_
Official Instagram @oddtaxi_
Official TikTok @oddtaxi
Official YouTube Channel https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UC7vSI218btwcth8yKEGfe0g

Odokawa/CV:Hanae Natsuki
Shirakawa/CV:Iida Riho
Goriki/CV:Kimura Ryohei
Kakihana/CV:Yamaguchi Kappei
Daimon Brother/CV:Kousei&Asei<Miki>
Baba(Homosapiens)/CV:Tsuda Atsuhiro<Daian>
Nagashima Satoshi/Takasugi Mahiro(special appearance)
and others

Planning and Original story : P.I.C.S.
Script:Konomoto Kazuya (P.I.C.S. management)
Director:Kinoshita Baku(P.I.C.S.
Assistant director:Nitta Norio
Character Design:Kinoshita Baku・Nakayama Hiromi
Art Director:Kato Kenji
Color Design:Ozeki Tatsue
Color Design.:Amada Miyabi
Editing::Ushiroda Yoshiki
Sound Director:Yoshida Kohei
Music production cooperation::SUMMIT, Inc. 
Music production: PONY CANYON
Animation production: P.I.C.S. × OLM

■TV Animation “ODD TAXI” Blu-ray BOX Project “ODDTAXI” Outline■
The larger the circle of support from people all over the world, the faster the project will go.
As the number of applications from fans increases, the specifications will become more and more luxurious!

[Product Details]
TV animation ”ODDTAXI” Blu-ray BOX
Release date: Scheduled for March 2022
SCXP00094/base price 25,000yen
※Orders have been closed.
※Please note that product release and specifications may be subject to change, postponement,
or cancellation due to various circumstances.

■Shop Information■

■TV animation “ODDTAXI“■
Official Site http://oddtaxi.jp/
Official Twitter @oddtaxi_
Official Instagram @oddtaxi_
Official YouTube Channel https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UC7vSI218btwcth8yKEGfe0g

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